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Belmont International English website last updated January 11, 2017

Welcome to our website
This site has been created as a medium for teachers and adult students of English
for Speakers of Other Languages to use to share experiences. It is designed primarily
for intermediate to advanced students and their teachers.
Belmont  International English is a class for moderately advanced to advanced students.  We emphasize oral communication, but we also cover grammar and American civilization. 
Belmont International English is only one of the English classes supported by the generosity of
the Belmont United Methodist Church.  There are also English classes for beginner and intermediate
English learners at the church. For these classes in the Belmont ESL program, registration must be
in person.
For more information on these classes, click on the link below.

Click here to go to the Belmont ESL web page.

Spring Semester 2017

Spring semester 2017 has begun.  If you were a student for the fall semester of 2016, you need not register again or do anything else.  Just come to class as you did last semester. 

If you were not a student in 2016, you may register for the spring semester at Belmont International English (BIE) at any time.  Go to the Registration tab on this page, and on the registration page, fill out the form and submit it.  I will send you detailed information when I get your registration.  

BIE is for moderately advanced to advanced students.  We have six levels of study. You may register on line only for Belmont International English, the most advanced level.  One must register for other classes only in person. For more information on other classes at Belmont United Methodist Church, go to the link above.  If you find BIE too difficult, you may change to a lower level class in Belmont ESL.  If you find another class too easy for you, you may transfer to BIE.  The teachers work closely together, and we want you to be in the class where you learn the most.

School Closings Due to Bad Weather

It's that time of year when there can be snow and ice sufficient to make driving dangerous.  All classes at Belmont  follow the inclement weather schedule of Nashville Metro Public Schools.  If they are closed because of bad weather, we are closed.  If they are open, we are open.  The only difference is that we don't open late.  If we are not closed, we open on time.

Very early in the morning, the radio and TV stations begin to announce school closings.  Sometimes, our schools are called Metropolitan Nashville- Davidson County Public Schools. Sometimes they are called Davidson County Schools.  Sometimes they are called Nashville Metro Schools.  Don't be confused by these names.  They all mean us.  I will try to announce the closings on this website, but I may not get the news as early as the radio and TV stations.


 Our class for the fall semester, 2016.  It's a wonderful group.  We have 16 different countries represented.  In the front row are some of our wonderful volunteers: to my right are  Bob Brodie, Irene Boyd and Ellen McPherson, and to my left are Jo Church and Joyce Eyler.  Because of them, students have more opportunity to talk, presenting articles they have read to other small groups of students, with native English speakers moderating discussions. 


Move it, folks!
First, Jennifer gave us a presentation on how sitting too much is bad for you, and how valuable exercise is for our health.  Then, Valerio led us in some exercises to get our blood flowing to our brains.


Everyone seemed to enjoy Jennifer and Valerio's program.  In addition to getting the blood flowing, it got everyone in a good mood.


Thanksgiving celebration

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little early, because  we will have no class next week.  The teachers brought typical American food, and students brought food from their cultures.   It was really pleasant to have all classes together. 


Charlie led the food parade, with Frank and Mary Kaye close behind.


Tao is leading the celebration.


Charlie and Frank are serving it up.

We work hard, but we have fun, too.  Language is an integral part of life, and we enjoy working together, playing together and talking together .

Various topics are discussed on the pages of this site. To find the topic you are
interested in and to download material, click on the "Topics" heading in the navigation
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About Belmont International English 
An English language school for international students has been in operation at the Belmont United Methodist Church since 1966. 
Through the generosity of the church members, around four thousand students from many countries have been helped to improve
their proficiency in English and their understanding of American culture.  
We welcome new students.  We work hard, but we have fun, too. 


The director of Belmont International English is Dr. Frank Jones. Dr. Jones received the M.D. degree from the University of Tennessee in 1958,

the M.S. degree in Orthopedic Surgery from the Mayo Graduate School of the University of Minnesota in 1967, the M.A. degree in French from

Vanderbilt in 1995, and the M.Ed. degree, with emphasis on ESL, from Tennessee State University in 2000.       Frank Jones 724 Summerly Dr. Nashville, TN 37209