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Belmont International English website last updated May 25, 2015

Welcome to our web site!
This site has been created as a medium for teachers and adult students of English
for Speakers of Other Languages to use to share experiences. It is designed primarily for intermediate to advanced students and their teachers.
Belmont  International English, an advanced class with emphasis on oral communication,
is only one of the English classes supported by the generosity of the Belmont United
Methodist Church.  There are also English classes for beginner and intermediate English
learners at the church.  For more information on these classes, click on the link below.

Click here to go to the Belmont ESL web page.

Registration for fall semester 2015

If you would like to register for the Belmont International English class, you may do so at any time.  Click on the "registration" tab
above.  If you are not sure which class you would like to attend, I advise you to attend the registration for lower level classes, which
must be done in person.  See the link above for Belmont ESL classes.  Please do not register for both classes.  Choose one or the
other.  If you find BIE class too difficult, you can change to an easier class.  If you find the Belmont ESL too easy, you can change to
the BIE class.  We want you to be in the class where you feel comfortable, and our placement tests are not perfect.



Next  Door Neighbors ---  Storytellers 

WPLN and National Public Television have helped some of our students make videos of their stories.
You can click on this link to see their wonderful videos.
We are so proud of their accomplishments, and we are so happy to have them as next door neighbors.
Our thanks also to Shawn Afinson of NPT, who was instrumental in getting these videos in their final form. 


Kinan Al Rifai read a passage from the Holy Qur'an in Arabic as part of a concert at the Belmont United Methodist Church on Sunday.
Her voice was so clear and expressive that I got the message, even though I didn't understand the Arabic words. 
Her reading made a wonderful contribution to improving communication and understanding between Christians and Muslims.
We are so proud of her.


 Farewell to Mehatap and Justine!
We said a tearful farewell to Mehtap and Justine today.  Mehtap is going to Turkey this afternoon, but she will be back
in late summer in time to start her medical course at Vanderbilt to be an electroencephalographer.  Justine is returning
to Strasburg.  We will miss them both.  With our class are some of our volunteers, Bob Brodie, Irene Boyd, and Joyce Eyler,
and also Frank Jones and Catherine Wang, our associate teacher from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.  


Thanks to Mr. Brodie

Acting on behalf of the Monday students, Hoda presented a certificate of appreciation to Bob Brodie for all the
help he has given us this year.  Bob brings a lot of experience from having lived and worked all over the world,
we are grateful for his willingness to volunteer in our class.

We work hard, but we have fun, too.  Language is an integral part of life, and we enjoy working together, playing together and talking together .

Various topics are discussed on the pages of this site. To find the topic you are
interested in and to download material, click on the "Topics" heading in the navigation
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About Belmont International English 
An English language school for international students has been in operation at the Belmont United Methodist Church since 1966. 
Through the generosity of the church members, around four thousand students from many countries have been helped to improve
their proficiency in English and their understanding of American culture.  
We welcome new students.  We work hard, but we have fun, too. 


The director of Belmont International English is Dr. Frank Jones. Dr. Jones received the M.D. degree from the University of Tennessee in 1958,

the M.S. degree in Orthopedic Surgery from the Mayo Graduate School of the University of Minnesota in 1967, the M.A. degree in French from

Vanderbilt in 1995, and the M.Ed. degree, with emphasis on ESL, from Tennessee State University in 2000.       Frank Jones 724 Summerly Dr. Nashville, TN 37209